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London is the political, economic and cultural hub of Britain, well connected with its five international airports and the high speed Eurostar rail link more than 50 countries are within a 3 hour flight and 310 international destinations have direct links into London. The best way to describe London is cities within a city, with more than 300 languages spoken here; there is a wealth of cultures and communities throughout the Capital. With history stretching back over thousands of years, and multiple World Heritage Sites, London has a somewhat dark history but holds a very bright present and future.

Having world class tourist attractions that are renowned throughout the world, many of the most famous places to visit are free! One third of London’s landmass is dedicated to parks and open spaces, so when you need that break from all the visiting, walking, touring, etc. there are plenty of places to relax. If you find yourself in Hampstead Heath in North London make sure you take a stroll through the parks as they offer amazing views of the city.

With over 6,000 restaurants in London, you will literally never go hungry, or run out of places to eat, boasting 55 Michelin Star restaurants and many celebrity chefs; London is a hot spot on the map for fine dining and unique cuisine.  Most people shop when they are on vacation, London is considered the best shopping destination in Europe. Whether head to the West End, Westfield Stratford City or a quirky market, there is a huge range of places where you can find anything that you may be looking for.

Family is important, especially nowadays where it is found that families spend less and less time together whether they are working or in a their own world focused around technology. Travelling is one way where you can spend quality time together as a family and London offers a fill of child friendly attractions and many of them are free! Worried about getting around while you’re away? Not to worry, London has a fantastic transport system with the tube, red buses and black taxi’s that allow you to get around the city easily and quickly.

Top Ten London Attractions


1. British Museum

This world famous museum exhibits the works of man, from prehistoric to modern times from all over the world. Highlights of the museum include the Rosetta stone, Parthenon sculptures and Mummies in the Egypt collection. Entry here is free, however for some exhibits, tickets are required.

2. Tate Modern

Standing tall on the bank of the Thames, the British National Museum of modern and contemporary art offers up some interesting architecture, it was converted from an old power station. Inside you will find temporary exhibits from top artists such as Damien Hirst and Gaugin, the many restaurants located within the gallery provide fabulous views across the city. Again, the entry is absolutely free.

3. National Gallery

Standing proud in Trafalgar Square, this crowning glory is a vast space filled with Western European paintings from the 13th to the 19th century. In this gallery you can find works by such masters as Van Gogh, da Vinici, Botticelli and Renoir. Admission? Free!

4. National History Museum

The museums will fascinating the young and the young at heart. The National History Museum holds a collection of the biggest, tallest and most rare animals from across the world. Check out a life sized Blue Whale, a 40 million year old spider and the spectacular central hall. Entry to this one is free, but some exhibits require tickets.

5. London Eye

The London Eye is a major feature to the skyline. It holds the record for being the world’s highest observation wheel; it has 32 capsules and each capsule hold up to 25 people. Climb aboard and experience the breathtaking, incredible view of more than 55 of London’s most famous landmarks, all in about 30 minutes.

6. Science Museum

From the future of space travel to the ever so important questions “who am I?” the science museum is a place to break and sweat and work out your brain. All five senses will be tingling with joy as you see, touch and experience the major scientific advantages of the last 300 years; a trip to their IMAX theatre makes this visit most ideal. Entry is free, but some exhibits require tickets.

7. Victoria and Albert Museum

The V&A is a celebration of art and design from the last 3000 years. A wealth of amazing artifacts from around the world and a treasure trove of goodies you will never know what you will discover next. From furniture, paintings, and sculptures to metalwork and even textile there is many things here to delight the senses and take you back in history. It’s free however some exhibits require tickets.

8. Madame Tussauds

Here you will come face to face with some of the world’s most famous faces. From Shakespeare to Lady Gaga you will get to meet the most influential figures from show biz, sports, politics, even royalty. Strike a pose with Usain Bolt, give a kiss to Brad Pitt and even receive a one in a lifetime audience with Her Majesty the Queen.

9. Royal Museum Greenwich

Visit the worlds, maritime museum, the historic Queen’s house and the Royal Observatory Greenwich. Stand alongside the Prime Meridian, touch a meteorite, and see the stars in the planetarium. Some things are fee and some changes apply.

10. Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of the world’s most famous buildings, discover  its 900 year history as a royal palace, prison and place of execution, arsenal jewel house and zoo! Be amazed by gazing at the white tower, tiptoeing through the bed chamber of a medieval king and ooh and aah at the crown jewels.

Old Cockney in Common Usage

Ever wonder what a Londoner has said to you? With it sounding like they have marbles in their mouths and a bunch of jibber jabber you may not ever understand,  here is the most common usages today.

Old Cockney

Canadian English

Apples and Pear


Boat Race


Brown Bread


Currant Bun


Dicky Bird


Dog and Bone




Mae West


Radio Rental


Rosy (Rosy Lea)


Tea Leaf


Tin of Fruit


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