Organizing a trip for extended family or a group of friends can seem daunting at first. But it comes with opportunities to make unforgettable memories and countless benefits that come with travelling as a group!

Group Travel Made Easy
Group Travel Made Easy

Organizing a trip for extended family or a group of friends can seem daunting at first. Everyone has different likes, dislikes, budgets, and travel preferences. They may live in different cities, have their own frequent flier programs and benefits, and be either experienced or new travellers. Don't miss out on making memories with your families this summer! Here are some of the benefits of travelling in a group and how we can help.

What are the benefits to travelling in a group?

A group is typically defined as 8 or more people. Travel suppliers offer special pricing for groups not found individually or online. So price is definitely one advantage.

Group reservations allow for a low deposit to secure the space and many times more flexible payment options. Individual travel reservations require full payment up front. As well, groups appreciate the flexibility that individual passengers receive in terms of name changes and corrections not afforded to individually booked passengers.

Guaranteed Confirmation
You’ll receive guaranteed confirmation of your hotel rooms so you will never be “bumped”, and, in most cases group space is reserved in one area of the hotel or cruise ship so you can be as close together as you prefer.

Easy Booking
We can work with all members of your group individually, via phone or email to provide answers, make reservations, and provide documentation. Our easy online forms are available for those who wish to book online yet have the comfort of knowing the booking is backed by our experienced consultants should any questions arise.

We do the research so you don’t have to
Tell us more about the people in your group, their likes, dislikes, and our experienced consultants will design a trip to suit everyone in your group. The options we present to you will meet your group’s needs and we can arrange everything including accommodation (hotels, villas, resorts), flights, tours, cruises, day trips, car rentals and travel insurance.

Contact us today for a personalized group quote!

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