Costa Rica, what more can I say. It is one of the most highly valued tourist destinations in the world. This small piece of landmass  includes all of the necessary components to satisfy the taste of the thousands of travellers that flock there every year.

Spanning from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea the variations of landscape, climate provides lush tropics, sandy beaches and all the eco and adventure travel any one person could ever want. With modes of transportation varying from water passage, modern airports and an advance highway and road system Costa Rica is an easily navigational country for all travellers no matter the type. 

Top Ten Reasons to Travel to Costa Rica

10. It’s Pura Vida

Where else but to spend your vacation then in a country with the motto “pura vida” or pure life. It’s not just something that they put on t-shirts, mugs or other tacky souvenirs the motto transfers into the daily lives of the Costa Ricans and can definitely be spotted if your touring the area.

9. It’s One of the Happiest Countries

In 2009 Costa Rica was ranked the happiest country in the world thanks to a number of indicators such as education, life span and environment. So during the long Yukon winters why not consider Costa Rica for you winter getaway to learn what makes them so happy.

8. Wildlife and Natural Parks

Renowned for its network of Wildlife Reserves and National Parks, from mesmerizing volcanoes, forest reserves and wetlands a Costa Rica holiday offers great diversity for the entire family.

7. Beaches

With over 800 miles of beach bordering the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea break out of the ordinary and discover something new! With a variety of beaches to visit such as family beaches with protected waters, great surfing beaches with incredible waves to commercial beach where you can party late into the night and even beaches you can camp on, no matter which you prefer Costa Rica and her beaches won’t disappoint.

6. Going Green

With a goal to be carbon neutral by 2021 Costa Rica is a haven for the eco conscious traveller. Most of the electricity is generated by sustainable mean such a geothermal, wind, hydro, and solar, just to name a few of the popular forms of energy. Costa Rica even boasts the worlds first and only carbon neutral airline! During your visit you can even participate in planting trees to help reforest and minimize your carbon footprint.

5. Best Value for Your Dollar

With the recent economic downturn Costa Rica’s tourism was hit hard. Although we have all felt the pinch there has been some good news, Costa Rica has now become more affordable and allows you to book your dream vacation without compromising on location.

4. No Worries About the Food

Going back to pura vida, pure life definitely transfers into the food. With abundance of locally grown fruits and vegetables and in most cases scratch made food is found in majority of restaurants. A must try while in Costa Rica is the coffee! Locally grown and fair traded around the world, experience the some of the world’s best coffee and learn where your cup of joe comes from.

3.  Luxurious All Inclusive Properties

When you think all inclusive your mind may go to Mexico, Cuba or even the Dominican Republic, but why not Costa Rica? There are an abundance of all inclusive properties from the big name resorts such as Riu, Barcelo, Westin and Occidental to smaller resorts such as Morgan Bay there are properties to match any budget. If all inclusive properties aren’t your cup of tea, there tons of bed and breakfast types of accommodations nestled deep in the rainforest or at the base of a mountain or volcano.

2. Marvel of Fire

Costa Rica sits on the Pacific Rim which scatters the landscape with towering mountains. Among those mountains lie magnificent volcanoes. Most widely known and most visited of the volcanoes would the Arenal Volcano which is in the top ten most active in the world and for good reason.  It regularly puts on a show with strong rumbling sounds, the occasional rock avalanche as well as smoke, ash and lava eruptions.

1. Adventure Travel

Last but certainly not least my favorite of all the other categories. Home to the original canopy tour, with hundreds of miles of zip lines in Costa Rica imagine yourself ziplining over the cloud forest. White water rafting, tubing leisurely down a river, windsurfing or surfing in general not to mention horseback riding along the beach! Needless to say there is more than enough adventure to go around. Did I mention the amazing snorkelling and scuba diving? Costa Rica is the perfect place to travel if your and adrenaline junkie or an adventure enthusiast.



Things to Know When Travelling to Costa Rica


Canadians must hold a valid Canadian Passport. It is recommended that your passport be valid six months after your return.

Canadians arriving in Costa Rica may remain up to ninety days without a visa.

There is a departure tax of $28.00 per person that is payable by cash or credit.

Bottled water is the way to go! Soft drinks such as Coke or Pepsi are also okay.

It is best to bring a mixture of US money as well as Costa Rican Colones if you decide to bring cash. Traveller’s checks are not widely accepted and you can only exchange up to $500.00 at a time. Credit cards can be used although keep in mind there is a growth in credit card fraud. To ensure the best exchange rate go through your bank or through an exchange office.

Some Travel Inspirations

Voluntourism- Save sea turtles or help rebuild local villages of the tribes located deep in the rainforest.

Go all inclusive-There are many properties to fit most any budget. You can’t go wrong by going all inclusive.

Adventure travel- Biking, hiking and zip lines oh my! Hold on to your hats because there are so many adventure tour ideas! If you can think it we will do our best to make it happen!

Organized Tours – For those who like to explore but love the idea of a structured trip, this may be an ideal way for you to travel with different itineraries and date ranges there is surely the perfect trip out there for you.

Own your own – Let us custom design your dream vacation to fit your budget!

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