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  • Your adventure begins with a stop at the "Long Ago... Peoples Place". On a short-guided walk into the woods, you will be brought back in time when only wood, stone, and animal parts were used to create everything the Southern Tutchone culture needed. From animal and fish traps, to housing and storage structures, you will learn and be amazed at their ingenuity to make life vibrant in the far north. 

    After an hour's drive in the heart of the Kluane Plateau, you will arrive at the site of a now-extinct village of dwellings, once an active fishermen's camp. Indeed, long ago the salmon went up from the Yukon River to the Mendenhal River and joined Taye Lake to lay eggs. The Taye Lake area is bison territory, and you won't miss the signs along the ancestral trail you will hike. It is also possible to see magnificent swans or proud bald eagles. With a moderate difficulty rating, this excursion will amaze you by the splendour and the tranquility of the lake.

    While hiking and paddling, you will learn and discover many things about traditional hunting and gathering practices.



  • Sleep in a traditional wall tent, over fresh spruce boughs, with an optional wood stove for colder nights. 

    Sleeping gear is available if you don't have your own. 

    Washroom facilities is the great outdoors, and you will be instructed on how to keep the area clean.

  • Transfers
    First Nation guide
    Camping/Sleeping gear if needed

  • 4-6 people
    moderate difficulty

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Yukon Territory, ...
2 days / 1 night